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How Are They Insulated?

Thermal Wrap Insulation

Thermal wrap insulation uses R-16 rated insulation which is super energy efficient. Thermal wrap insulation utilizes the excess heat coming off the pumps to help keep hot tub warm. All plumbing is easy to work on and very accessible. R-16 insulation is recommended for optimum performance in retention of heat.

Partial Foam Insulation

Jets and plumbing is not accessible by being enclosed in foam and makes working on the hot tub extremely difficult. Partial foam insulation does not use heat from pumps to keep hot tub warm.

Full Foam Insulation

All jets and plumbing are enclosed in foam which makes it virtually impossible to find and repair a leak. Panels on a full foam hot tub do not come off. After warranty period, a repair could cost you $2,000 and up for a simple problem. Full foam insulation does not use heat off the pump to keep hot tub warm.

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