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18' Marathon Dual Temp

This dual temperature swim spa is made by one of the world's Best of Class, 5-star spa builders. Unlike a swimming pool or a lap pool, this 18 foot swim spa lets you swim against an adjustable current or do stress free exercises. The other side of this spa is a full featured hot tub where you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of warm water and hydrotherapy to massage all parts of the body. With the dual-temperature control panels, the swim area can be one temperature while the spa area is another – both sides have separate heaters. The swim side has 3 adjustable River Jets where the water flow can be adjusted and/or the jets in pairs can be turned on or off with a touch of a button. You can use one, two or all three pumps depending on the resistance that is best for you while swimming. The water is deep enough to also jog in place with or without a current or use the exercise equipment that is included. The spa side has 54 adjustable and interchangeable stainless steel jets. This allows you to increase or decrease the water flow to a particular jet for personalized massage therapy and maximize your therapeutic experience. 10 water fountains all cascade into the swirling waters for tranquil ambiance. Dual Balboa Instruments topside digital controls put the pump speed, light control and temperature at your fingertips on both sides of the spa. Triple barrier insulation cuts down on the monthly electric cost of operation and the included ozone sanitizer greatly reduces the amount of chemicals needed. Change the color of the water at a touch of a button – comes with LED mood lights to set the color of your choice or have the light colors fade in and out. Work out or relax to your favorite music. Swim spa has an optional AM/FM Sirius radio, CD player and iPod ready stereo system with sub woofers and waterproof speakers.

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5 year equipment warranty
10 year structure warranty

30 Year Old Manufacturer
Proudly U.S.A.
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90" x 211" x 54"
100 amp service required (2X50 AMP)
3400 lb dry weight - 2000 Gallons
2-4HP pumps & 2-5HP pumps
2xturbo Heated air blowers
2 x 5.5 kw Titanium heaters
54 stainless steel therapy jets
1 large spa light & 1 large pool light
12 LED light for spa & 24 led lights for pool
Balboa pool equipment #1 in the world
Balboa spa equipment #1 in the world
Separate ozone systems for spa & pool
Tiled swim lane
Tiled waterline mosaic feature
2 water falls, stainless steel (spa end)
8 led water falls, stainless steel (pool end)
Pro swim system with harness
Exercise and rowing equipment package
Premium stereo system option - $995
U.V. Sanitizer option $795 per side

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