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Northwest Jewel Series


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Diamond 50

Add on Options
U.V. sanitizer with circulation pump $995
Salt purification system $1,895
Whisper quiet 24 hour circulation $299
Air blower with 12 stainless injectors $299
MP3 - Extreme stereo $895

86" x 86" x 37" - 375 gallon
50 hydrotherapy jets
World famous Volcano superjet
Total body Therapeutic lounger
6 calf jets/ 7 foot jets
2 Energy efficient 5 horse pumps
3 Built-in lighted safety handles
Deluxe aurora LED waterline lights
Deluxe lighted waterfall
ABS bottom / polar pack insulation R16 on bottom
and R16 inside cabinet walls
Threaded jets Made in U.S.A.
6 calf jets/9 foot jets/2 neck jets
Deluxe thermal hardcover
Deluxe chemical kit
Wrist and hand jets
* #1 Ozone purification system U.S.A.
* #1 World's best pumps –Waterway U.S.A.
* #1 World's best equipment—Balboa U.S.A.
* #1 World's best acrylic—Lucite U.S.A.
* #1 World's best jets—Waterway U.S.A.
* All are World's largest and best manufacturers
* proudly made in United States of America
***** No Chinese or Mexican parts *****

BBB Accredited A+
3 Year Equipment-7 Year Surface
9103 North Division
Spokane, WA 99218
509.466.SPAS (7727)

Acrylic Shell Colors



Summer Sapphire

Sterling Silver

Caribbean Blue

Tuscan Sun

Cabinet Colors

Synthetic Gray

Synthetic Teak
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