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We have five manufacturers, but none is better than the other. We ensure that our spas are equipped with the best quality instruments in the US when we order them. Balboa is a company that specializes in spa packs (the computer) and is number one in the country for user-friendly topsides (jet controls). Waterway is the leading company in the US for spa pumps and jets, known for their durable and creative massage therapy solutions. These companies produce spa equipment that lasts a long time by continuously innovating their products. Essentially, the only thing you get from the manufacturer is the spa shell design. Pay attention to the following key things:


What is the size of your family? Do you frequently have guests over? How tall are the members of your family? Legroom is crucial for taller individuals to keep their knees below the water. Seat depth is important for smaller individuals to keep their heads above the water.

Lounger Size

What is a lounger seat? One seating style available in hot tubs is the lounger. Loungers provide an easy solution for full-body hydrotherapy, targeting the shoulders, back, arms, hips, legs, and feet. To ensure comfort while using a lounger, it’s important to make sure you can reach the foot jets without strain. Once in position, you can push slightly with your toes to secure yourself in place, preventing the powerful jets from pushing you out of your seat. This seating style is popular among customers looking for hot tubs to help with their therapy needs.

Seat Style

What is a Bench Seat” There is another seating style in hot tubs called the bench style. These seats range from a straight, upright, dinner-table posture to a tilted, zero-gravity recline. Bench seats can be curved and contouring or open and flat. This style typically allows for more space to accommodate additional people within the hot tub.

Jet Type & Placement

Jet positioning is important for those who require specific therapy for their body. There are many types of jets available, ranging from a steady streamline to a wide pulsating massage. Smaller jets provide a more intense, precise massage, while wider jets offer a gentler massage. Volcano/whirlpool jets are high-powered and provide the deepest penetration and move the most water per minute. These jets are typically found on the floor or lower side wall.


Circulation pumps are smaller and designed to filter and heat the water. Two-speed pumps are designed to circulate at low speed, then massage at high speed. Single-speed pumps are used to supply the massage jets. Hot tubs use high-volume pumps, which allow a large volume of water to flow at low pressure. A pump’s horsepower (hp) determines how much water it can push. However, having more pumps doesn’t always mean more power. It’s important to have a good jet-to-pump ratio. An ideal ratio is 30 jets per pump.

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At Quality Spas, we are not sales-oriented. For over 30 years, we have taken pride in helping you select the spa that best fits your and your family’s lifestyle. Thank you for visiting our page! If you have any questions, please call us. Even better, come down and experience the quality for yourself.